Penis Enlargement Exercises and Techniques

There is an abundance of information online and in print that detail how to get a bigger member, from pills and creams to penis enlargement exercises and even to surgical implants. While many of these options are all talk and no walk, there are some that actually do result in a larger penis. Anyone interested in male penis enlargement should research all the methods and techniques before simply ordering random pills and hoping for the best.

One of the most commonly popularized options are vacuum devices that claim to increase both penis length and girth. While they do work for short periods of time, they are not an effective method of developing and maintaining a larger member. These devices work by creating a sealed vacuum over the penis and then withdrawing the air, thus forcing blood to fill the penis and cause an erection. Once the penis has been enlarged, a ring is placed on the base to prevent the blood from returning to other parts of the body. This method can be a quick solution, but also has many disadvantages. The vacuum can not only increase the amount of blood in the penis, but can also rupture the penile blood vessels, which can cause excessive pain to the user.

Of course, if a man’s goal is simply penis enlargement, there is one option that stands above the rest. Clearly the best penis enlargement method is to have surgery. This process often results in around one inch being gained. The physician will add a dermal implant by utilizing fat cells from other regions of the body. Yes, this will increase size, but may be cost-prohibitive as these procedures can be very expensive and are usually not covered by medical insurance.  Also, the procedure can result in an odd appearance as it is impossible to enlarge the head of a penis.

Natural penis enlargement is often advertised through proper exercise of the penis. It is a major misconception that the penis is composed of muscle tissue and should be exercised for muscle gain. The methods of weight hanging, ballooning, and jelqing are simply myths. The best exercises that will result in penis enlargement are ones that focus on improving cardiovascular health. As such, regular aerobic exercise is the best method of naturally increasing a man’s penis size. This also has another benefit in that this type of exercise also increases a person’s stamina, which will certainly lead to better lovemaking sessions. In addition to maintaining a regular exercise routine, there are other behavior modifications that can help increase a man’s penis size. Eating healthy is a major concern as the body’s optimal function depends on a variety of vitamins and minerals. Overeating can also result in impotence as an erection may be impossible while the body is busy breaking down excessive amounts of food. These penis enlargement exercises are the only exercises that will work over a long term basis.